Coping Stone

Granite is good choose for coping suchas pool coping, fountain surrounding coping, window sill , wall coping ect. We supply a range of coping stone designs for all kinds of project.

Pool Coping and Fountain surrounding coping are used to cap the pool edge. It is one of the final steps in swimming pool  and fountain construction and gives strength to the pool and fountain to protect water from overflowing, there are three types of coping – Drop Face, Bullnose and Bevel Edge, available in various thicknesses and colours. However, we also supply custom pool coping upon special reques

Windown Sill Coping looks great under any window or as a stone capping on top of building stone. They sit inside the window opening and are usually used when the wall is to be rendered, with the render coming right down to the cill.

Wall Coping als called wall cap are designed to provide a protective top surface for any type of wall-like structure.  These caps shelter the wall from harsh weather effects, such as rain, snow, sun and ice.  Our Concrete Wall Cappings is available in two styles, Saddle back and Feathered Edge.  Both come in 2 sizes.

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